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10% of profit on every sale is Donated. 

Total Donated: $214.50


Coral Gardeners: $214.50

The donation is included in the prices of items already. Without plants or sealife most of the art we make could not exist so this is our way of thanking the planet. Donating directly to Coral Gardeners or any other comparable organization is highly recommended. 

1. Coral Gardeners

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 4.27.30 PM.png

To Donate Directly to Coral Gardeners type in:

         -The "Coral Reef" page on their website has a "get involved" link to help them and our ocean out.

Coral Gardeners explain themselves and the need for action in protecting our ocean quite well. Their website is and I highly suggest checking out some of their work and also the educational information they have posted on their website. 

As Coral Gardeners put it on their website: 

"The idea is to transplant coral cuttings into threatened areas of the reef. Once those little coral fragments grow, they will help recreate the reef environment and aquatic life will be able to return, and strengthen the new reef." 


We hope our grandchildren get to see the beautiful animals, plants, and natural earth that we have the chance to witness. When it comes to helping the ocean, there are many problems and also solutions to put into action to fix those problems. Coral Gardeners has been chosen over any ocean plastic/ waste reduction or any other foundation that intends to protect the ocean for the simple reason that we believe Coral Gardeners will benefit from the small initial amount that we will be able to donate. We trust that this group of friends and ocean lovers living in the sister island of Tahiti, Moorea will spend the donation money in the least wasteful way. We want to see your donation money create results.

Every time we raise $100 for Coral Gardeners we will send that money to them promptly.

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